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If You’re interested in knowing, here are the main types of fire sprinkler systems: Skunk Poop

Wet pipe system

It’s composed of steel pipes filled with water. The water in the pipes is usually under moderate pressure; therefore, when the sprinkler head is activated, the pressurized water from the pipes is instantly released and as a result there’s a faster response time.

In addition to providing faster reaction time that the wet pipe system is also quite straightforward and reliable. The system is also cheap, easy to install, and requires low maintenance.

Although, the system has these benefits, it is not ideal for areas that are very cold. This is because the pipes have a tendency to freeze in cold areas. The pipes are also not recommended in residential surroundings since they’re vulnerable to accidental leaks which can bring about flooding.

The pipes in this system are filled with air under pressure and the water is held back from the control valve that’s usually located outside the protected area. After the sprinkler head is activated, the valve releases the compressed air through the sprinkler head. Once all of the air has been released, water matches the machine.

You should notice that this system has a slower reaction time. The fantastic side with the system is that it releases great deal of water; therefore, fire is put off fast.

Another fantastic thing is that you don’t need to be worried about flooding in case there is leakage in the pipes. These systems are used in areas where the wet and alternate systems can’t be used.

Alternate systems

These systems are usually filled with water for the summer time then when the season is finished, they are drained down and filled with air for the winter period. These systems are best for underground car parks and other buildings which aren’t usually heated.

Pre-action systems

These are variants of the dry and wet pipe systems. These systems have to be triggered twice before water is dispensed from the sprinkler head. The first trigger allows water into the pipes while the second trigger releases the water and pushes it to through the sprinkler so as to extinguish the fire.

The good side with this system is that it provides protection against false sprinkler head activation.

These are the major types of fire sprinkler systems. To ensure that you have purchased the right system, you should make certain you buy the systems from reputable stores.

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